Struggling to achieve your goals doesn’t mean you’re too unskilled or unmotivated. More likely than not, it’s a sign that the goals you are creating are either too intimidating or too unattainable for you. When you set proper goals, you will be much more likely to accomplish them.

Setting goals more effectively could be a matter of changing your mindset. Sometimes a goal can be so scary that we don’t even want to begin, and that’s the last thing you want while coming up with new goals. You want to feel motivated and encouraged throughout the process, so here are a few tips to help you make goals that are more achievable and less intimidating.

Turn Your Goals into Fun Challenges

One way to make your goals more enjoyable is to turn them into accomplishable challenges. For example, if your goal is to have a more active lifestyle, try breaking it down into a fun bucket list of local parks where you can go for a jog. One of our favorite parks is Ruben S. Alaya, which is the largest park in the city. As you jog through the parks of Chino Hills, you will not only get in better shape, but you will also explore new areas you have never been before.

To keep yourself even more motivated, consider rewarding yourself with something you love after you achieve each challenge. Each time you jog in a park from your bucket list, treat yourself to a yummy homemade breakfast or get some food to go. Your behaviors will be more effectively reinforced the more you benefit from them.

Make Smaller, More Specific Goals 

Goals are often so intimidating because they are too big to be seen as achievable. It’s important to take long-term variables into account, but if you start looking too far into the future, it can be easy to push off goals in favor of day-to-day needs. The key to achieving long-term goals is to break them down into small, very specific ones.

There are a few ways you can break down your goals to make them less overwhelming. You can narrow them down based on time, quantity, or small steps. For example, if your goal is to write a book, you could break it down based on the daily time you want to spend writing, how many words you want to write each day, or each small task you need to complete (making an outline, writing the first chapter, etc.).

Focus on One Goal at a Time

The culture of setting goals usually revolves around creating as many of them as you can. While this may seem productive, it is actually the opposite, as it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and incapable of working on any of them. Take some time to figure out what you want to accomplish most. Which goal is most important to you? Which one gives you the most joy and motivation? Which goal fits in best with your current lifestyle?

After you narrow down your scope into one goal, focus on only that and break it down into each step you need to take. As you work towards the thing that matters most to you, you will feel more motivated to continue working on other goals in the future. Just because you choose not to work on something now does not mean that you never will.

Hopefully, these three tips help you see your goals differently. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you set yourself up for success! All you need is the proper mindset to get you started.