The Top 5 Best Taco Spots in Riverside, CA

Did you know that Americans eat roughly 4.5 billion tacos every year? Since tacos are a staple meal, we have set out to find the best taco shops in Chino Hills, California, to satisfy your taco cravings.

Chino Hills does not disappoint when it comes to tacos. There is a wide variety of shops to choose from. Whether you want an original street taco, a classic hard taco, or a fresh fish taco, Chino Hills has you covered. Let’s go through what kinds of tacos are offered, reviews, and the best place to eat your tacos so you can pick the perfect taco shop that meets your cravings.

1. Urban Fish Taco

Let’s start out with a well-known favorite shop: Urban Fish Taco. This restaurant’s recipes have been passed down through generations and perfected to ensure fresh, delicious tacos, and the location is easy to access at 13865 City Center Drive.

Taco Options

Start your meal off right with shrimp taquitos and move to the famous surf and turf that has mouthwatering Oaxaca cheese, grilled steak, and shrimp. Don’t forget to grab a classic mango margarita that is perfectly rimmed with chamoy and salt.

Customer Review

I am attending a meeting at the Mission Inn and needed to grab a quick lunch. This did not disappoint—excellent shrimp tacos and chips and guacamole. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Will definitely return when I’m back in Riverside.

Valerie Cantella

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2. Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Keeping the trend going with delicious fish tacos, Rubio’s Coastal Grill is another must-try taco shop for any seafood lover. Rubio’s Coastal Grill opened its first shop in 1983 and has been committed to serving tacos that celebrate the diverse community. You can find the shop on 3330 Grand Avenue in Suite G.

Taco Options

Indulge in one of Rubio’s top-rated dishes: a Baja chimichurri two-taco plate with red Argentinian shrimp. This dish is sure to blow you away with its unique flavors. This is one taco that you will never get tired of.

Customer Review

This is one of my three favorite places I always visit when I’m back home – and the Chino Hills location is my favorite.

Never overly crowded, food is ready when you’ve ordered and staff is professional, kind, and safe.

Always say I’ll try something different but always end up hoovering up two fish taco plates. Thanks for the condiments to go – it’s not the same without the chipotle sauce and jalapeños!

Thanks again for another delicious CA meal!

Chrissy R.

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3. El Torito Loco

El Torito Loco is the place to go if you have been wanting to try a perfectly crafted street taco. The shop has unique festive decor that will give you a full authentic experience. This exceptional shop is located at 3908 Grand Avenue D. 

Taco Options

El Torito Loco offers a wide variety of street tacos that will have you asking for more. You can choose from grilled chicken, shrimp, carne asada, fish, and many more. It also offers a great taco salad if you’re looking for a lighter option.

Customer Review

My sister-in-law brought me to this place. What a find! We ordered the carne asada fries that my son was raving about. He was right! It was worth the rave! I have the shredded beef street taco – it was so good! The shredded beef was so moist and succulent. My daughter and my sister-in-law ordered the potato taco – it had mashed potato in it, they both liked it. Complimentary chips and salad bar for more onions, lime, or salsa. The salsa was so good with the chips! I had four helpings of the salsa! Great and friendly service. Good food and great staff service- winning combination.

Cheryl Chan

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4. Casa Juanchos

If you can’t pick between an original street taco, a classic hard-shell taco, or a fish taco, then Casa Juanchos is the spot for you. This restaurant has a wide variety of options to choose from.

Casa Juanachos takes pride in making food from scratch and only using the freshest ingredients to guarantee great-tasting tacos. This shop is located at 3277 Grand Avenue in Unit M.

Taco Options

Try an assortment of tacos starting with an outstanding street taco that comes with onions and cilantro, then move to a fish taco topped off with a special sauce. With all of the different types of tacos, you are bound to find a new favorite.

Customer Review

Great service and delicious food for a good price. Family friendly. This has become our new favorite spot to eat with my two little ones.

Vegetarian options: The tacos de papa are delicious

Kid-friendliness: Booster seat available

Parking: Lots of parking big shopping center

Citlaly Trejo

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5. Ensenada Surf n Turf Grill

Ensenada Surf n Turf Grill is home to some of the best seafood tacos. To make this shop even better, they offer specials on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Get the best bang for your buck by ordering a special. You can find Ensenada Surf n Turf Grill on 15463 Fairfield Ranch Road. 

Taco Options

Indulge yourself in a Baja-style taco. Make sure to order a side of well-seasoned rice and beans to create the perfect meal. 

Customer Review

We stopped by for the first time and tried their grilled fish taco, grilled shrimp taco, and grilled baja taco. Our favorite was the grilled shrimp! All the tacos were fresh tasting. And they were large and filling! If you’re looking for some good fish/shrimp tacos, this place is worth checking out.

Quest and Consume

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A Perfect Place to Relax and Enjoy Life

Once you have decided which taco shop meets your cravings, do a takeout order and enjoy them in the comfort of your home. The Crossing of Chino Hills is the perfect place to call home, with the wide range of amenities and a prime location. You can get to any of these taco shops from The Crossing in minutes. 

If you are looking for a place to call home in Chino Hills, California, The Crossing is the place for you. Schedule a tour today!

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