Whether you’re moving to relocate for a job, because your lease is up, to be closer to your family, or because you found your dream home, you need to prioritize your health. Cleaning your old and new homes is always important when moving, but during COVID-19, it’s even more necessary to disinfect both areas as much as possible. Here are three tips for sanitizing your home that will help you keep yourself and your movers safe and healthy, even during the middle of a pandemic. 

Prioritize Disinfecting High-Touch Areas

When sanitizing your home, prioritize high-touch areas. According to the CDC, this includes things like door handles, sink faucets and knobs, phones, light switches, computers, bathroom counters, toys, and electronics. Wipe down these surfaces as much as possible throughout the moving day, and be sure to also wash your hands often. You could also choose to wear rubber gloves while cleaning. 

To properly disinfect everything, you should first wipe everything down with soap and water, then follow up with a stronger disinfectant. Refer to this list for the best CDC-approved disinfectants to use throughout your home. 

Stock Up on Supplies

If you can prepare ahead, do it. You’ll be thankful you took the steps to get everything together once moving day arrives and you’re scrambling to get everything loaded up. Be sure to start early by stocking up on supplies as soon as possible. 

Buy everything you think you’ll need from the beginning, like breathable face masks, disinfectant wipes, rubber gloves, new moving boxes, and hand sanitizer. And make sure to buy a lot of them. A few more forgettable supplies you may want to consider purchasing are plastic wrap, mattress covers, bubble wrap, and kraft paper. The last thing you want is to run out of cleaning supplies and rush to the store to buy more on moving day. Plus, your movers will easily be able to disinfect their hands and your boxes without any extra hassle.

Keep Cleaning Materials and Hand Sanitizer Close

Once you stock up on your supplies, place them in the most convenient places around your home as possible. While leaving your old place, set up a clean-up station near your front door to use as you move out and do last-minute cleaning. In your new place, put cleaning supplies in high-touch areas like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Then, as you unpack all of your items, you can wipe them down without needing to rush in and out of several rooms to get what you need. Sanitizing your home will be much easier when cleaning supplies are nearby.

While moving during the pandemic, one of the most important things you can do is disinfect your old and new homes. First, cleaning your old home will help ensure the new people who move in are safe and don’t get sick because of you. Plus, you set yourself up for success by taking care of your new home by disinfecting everything as soon as you move in. With these three tips, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be too overwhelming.