If you are looking for more activities to do locally, going to the nearest state park is a great place to start! State parks are an inexpensive way to have a fun day trip or a weekend adventure. 

Here in Chino Hills, we are lucky to have the Chino Hills State Park right in our backyard! Here are three things to know before you head out for a fun day at the park!

About Chino Hills State Park

If you haven’t been to the Chino Hills State Park yet, you are in for a treat! The park covers 31 miles from the Santa Ana Mountains to Whittier Hills. The views are amazing, and there is a ton to do! While at the park, you can camp, hike, horseback ride, bike, or even just take some time to relax and enjoy nature! If you plan on camping, be sure to make a reservation in advance.

The Chino Hills State Park is the perfect place to escape the city for a while and enjoy the beautiful place that we live in! The plants, wildlife, and activities will all make for an enjoyable experience!

Trails in the Park

For those who are excited to get out on a hike or a bike ride, there are a lot of great trails at Chino Hills State Park for you to enjoy! Here are some of our favorites:

The Bane Canyon Loop Trail has spectacular views of the rolling hills! You will also get a great view of the wildflowers along the trail. Biking, hiking, walking, and running are all great activities for the loop.

The Bovinian Delight Trail and Telegraph Canyon, like Bane Canyon Loop, offers great views of the wildflowers and can be used for a variety of activities! This trail doesn’t have a lot of shade, though, so make sure to go in the earlier hours of the day to beat the heat!

The Little Canyon Loop is a great option if you are looking for something a little shorter. It can also be used for lots of activities including horseback riding!

There are many trails to enjoy at Chino Hills state park! Whatever your favorite outdoor hobby is, there are plenty of trails to choose from! 

Safety Tips 

While it is important to have fun at the state park, it is even more important to stay safe on your adventures! To help, Insuremytrip shares five important safety tips to keep in mind while visiting state parks:

  1. Stay away from wildlife
  2. Obey the fire rules of the park
  3. Hike safely in mountain parks
  4. Know your way around
  5. Store food carefully if camping

Doing these five simple things will help ensure that your time in Chino Hills State Park is even more enjoyable! For more detailed information, click here for the full article.

We highly encourage you to set aside some time to take advantage of this beautiful state park that is right here by Chino Hills, California. There is so much to do and love here! And, if you are looking to extend your stay in Chino Hills, The Crossings of Chino Hills offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for rent. We’d love to give you a tour and even more reasons to love Chino Hills!